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New Foam Cushion Service

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.16.10Have its cushion become squashed and flat? Is your sofa worn and uncomfortable? You don’t need to buy a new sofa – you just need our sofa cushion refilling service to return your sofa to as new condition & make it comfier than ever before.

And that’s just what Custom Interiors & Covers offer. We save you hundreds on the cost of new sofas and chairs, simply by repairing your existing models with our upholstery and cushion refilling services.

Upholsterer Plymouth

Looking for an Upholsterer in Plymouth

Looking for an experienced leather and fabric upholsterer in Plymouth?

Look no further than Custom Interiors and Covers. We have a fast experience in all types of Upholstery and with our continuously growing business with a loyal customer base throughout Plymouth, we have developed an excellent reputation for offering restoration and upholstery of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture in both leather and fabric.

Water Proofing & Re-Proofing

Water Proofing & Re-Proofing

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 09.46.59Water Proofing or re-water proofing is a service we offer for tents, awnings and other outdoor equipment. Our most popular treatment will help to water proof your equipment giving it a strong barrier to water penaeration and also with a built in UV guard to slow down the fabric degradation caused by the suns UV rays. Extend the life of your tent or awning by re-proofing every couple of years or as needed. Why not give us a call.

Caravan Awning Repairs and Alterations

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 09.36.02Caravan Awning Repairs and Alterations

One of the main areas of our work is the increase and decrease in size of caravan awnings for customers who have changed their caravan and would like to keep their original awning. We can also carry out repairs, many of these involve replacement zips, repairing holes in your main canvas panels or replacing windows.

Caravan awning repairs Plymouth, and all of the South West.

Repairs and Maintainence of Caravan Awnings

We also repair and maintain awnings by replacing zips, windows, mudwalling, pegging rubbers, eyelets, re-springing poles as well as patching tears and holes.

Loose Covers

Loose Covers

Devons Leading Loose Cover Makers

Come and visit our workshop and workrooms where you can view hundreds of fabrics at your own leisure. We are based in West Yorkshire but cover the whole of Devon, Cornwall and South Hams

Loose covers for sofas, armchairs, footstools, and dining chairs are a practical and stylish option. They are totally removable and washable.



Chair Upholstery Repairs Plymouth

Chair Upholstery Repairs Plymouth

If your old chair is broken, looking a bit tired, we can help.

Upholstery – Woven Fabrics.
Individual damaged panels can be replaced.  We can fully reupholster sofas and chairs (you may supply your own fabric if you wish).  Broken stitching, zips, Velcro etc can also be repaired or replaced.

Antique Furniture Restoration.  
We can reupholster valuable antique chairs, including rebuilding of internal upholstery fillings and fibres.

Upholstery Filling Replacement
When your old sofa and chairs start to become saggy and uncomfortable don’t replace them, have them restored. We can replace or replenish existing cushion fillings to give an ‘as new’ appearance and feel.

Foam seat cushions can be renewed or replaced using a harder or softer grade if desired.  Polyester fibre which is commonly used in sofa back cushions and sometimes in seat cushions can be ‘topped up’ or replaced to reduce bagginess caused by use.
You do not need to replace an old three piece suite just because the materials it is made of do not comply with Fire Safety Standards.  Furniture Medic® can strip and replace the foam or other fillings with materials that meet current British fire safety standards.
Full Re-covers
There is no need to replace your sofa and chairs because they no longer match the decor. Most upholstered furniture can be fully reupholstered.  Furniture Medic® can give your sofas and chairs a new lease of life by stripping off the old fabric and re-covering them in new.

caravan upholstery and caravan restoration Plymouth

caravan upholstery and caravan restoration Plymouth

If you own a motor caravan and you’re thinking of re-vamping the interior, protecting the furnishings in a newer ‘van, or perhaps improve your comfort when sleeping, then we can certainly help!

Our Motor Caravan furnishing orders tend to be made from start to finish by one member of staff, as we find this gives them an interest in seeing the finished product as well as engendering a real sense of pride in the job.

Give us a call to refresh your caravan Cushions

Dining Chair Repairs Plymouth

Dining Chair Repairs Plymouth

Dining room chairs are typically made up of sturdier and more expensive materials when compared to kitchen, bar and bistro chairs. They have higher backs, wider seats and more substantial or ornate legs. Traditionally chair arrangements feature armchairs at the head and foot of the table and four or more side chairs flanking them.

Dining room chairs can be Re-upholstered

Dining Chairs are very popular pieces of furniture we re-upholster. Even so, we are fully qualified to identify 1000’s of different makes and styles. This helps us to give you the best advise possible about restoring your favourite furniture.

Caravan Awning Repairs Plymouth

Caravan Awning Repairs Plymouth

Caravan Awning Repairs and Alterations

One of the main areas of our work is the increase and decrease in size of caravan awnings for customers who have changed their caravan and would like to keep their original awning. We can also carry out repairs, many of these involve replacement zips, repairing holes in your main canvas panels or replacing windows, give a call today to find out more.

Increasing or Reducing the size of your Awning

To successfully increase or reduce your awning you need to provide us with some accurate information. The first piece of information we need to know is the awning size of your new caravan. This will be stated in your new caravan’s booklet or you can physically measure your caravan as outlined below. It’s also helpful if you can provide us with your current awning size, although this isn’t essential.

The art of the restorer

The Art of the restorer

Take some horse hair, foam, springs, felt, webbing and wool and – hey presto, you have a chair!
“I wish it was as easy as that,” smiles Steve Newton, who owns Custom Interiors & Covers at Ivybridge.
With colleague John Loveridge doing the woodwork and Steve on the upholstery it can take a week to create or restore a chair.
But it is still magic seeing a piece of born-again excellence emerge pristine from a life-expired piece of furniture.
Steve began the business 11 years ago and has been based at Erme Bridge, Ivybridge for the past two years.
“We do everything from antique furniture and three-piece suites to cushions and covers, and boat and cockpit interiors,” he says.
Vehicle upholstery is also much in demand as new fabrics, soft faux leather and leather can bring back the feeling of luxury to a car where the interior is worn and cracked.
Marine upholstery carried out at Custom Interiors & Covers provides both traditional and contemporary styles. Interior and exterior seat covers, speed boat hoods, and memory foam in the seating and sleeping areas are all part of the service.
Back on dry land and restoration and reupholstery of antique furniture keeps the Ivybridge workshop busy. Revarnishing, mending broken furniture and stripping down and rebuilding is all part of the service.
As a schoolboy Steve’s ambition was to be a carpenter and joiner.
“My mum made me sit down on a Saturday morning and ring around, but I couldn’t find anyone who wanted a carpenter and joiner.” he recalls.
But he was offered the chance of becoming an apprentice upholsterer – which fortunately involved a year in the joinery shop creating wooden frames and a lot of custom-made benches.
His workshop s brimming with jobs on the go, his order hook can range from creating the interior for two Morgan 200 bow riders built by Seahawk to putting new foam in a set of cushions.
He is currently making a drum stool for American rapper who requested material that costs £250 a meter. The musician heard of Steve’s skills after the upholsterer did work for international artist Rory Dobner – who is now branching out into the upholstery market.
Keeping an eye on all the action, from the comfort of settee awaiting restoration, are his two pet lerchers – the light coloured  Gypsey and her daughter Tia.
“Some of our jobs are seasonal,” explains Steve.
“In October the boats come out of the water and their owners like to have the interiors and boat covers done.
“Then there is the mad rush for people wanting their three-piece suites and fireside chairs, and antique chairs to look pretty for Christmas.”
A “couple of quiet months” follow in the New Year – and then the pace builds up for the Easter.
“We can replace the 
interiors and, if someone was getting fed up with their suite, we could replace the seat covers and cushions and give it a new lease of life,” says Steve.
“We used a wide range of quality materials as well as customers, own materials.
“We are also specialists in leather work, we are one of a few remaining traditional upholsterers in the region.
“At our workshop we can do something from beginning to finish. We offer ability, knowledge  and experience,” he says.