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Chair Upholstery Repairs Plymouth

Chair Upholstery Repairs Plymouth

If your old chair is broken, looking a bit tired, we can help.

Upholstery – Woven Fabrics.
Individual damaged panels can be replaced.  We can fully reupholster sofas and chairs (you may supply your own fabric if you wish).  Broken stitching, zips, Velcro etc can also be repaired or replaced.

Antique Furniture Restoration.  
We can reupholster valuable antique chairs, including rebuilding of internal upholstery fillings and fibres.

Upholstery Filling Replacement
When your old sofa and chairs start to become saggy and uncomfortable don’t replace them, have them restored. We can replace or replenish existing cushion fillings to give an ‘as new’ appearance and feel.

Foam seat cushions can be renewed or replaced using a harder or softer grade if desired.  Polyester fibre which is commonly used in sofa back cushions and sometimes in seat cushions can be ‘topped up’ or replaced to reduce bagginess caused by use.
You do not need to replace an old three piece suite just because the materials it is made of do not comply with Fire Safety Standards.  Furniture Medic® can strip and replace the foam or other fillings with materials that meet current British fire safety standards.
Full Re-covers
There is no need to replace your sofa and chairs because they no longer match the decor. Most upholstered furniture can be fully reupholstered.  Furniture Medic® can give your sofas and chairs a new lease of life by stripping off the old fabric and re-covering them in new.

caravan upholstery and caravan restoration Plymouth

caravan upholstery and caravan restoration Plymouth

If you own a motor caravan and you’re thinking of re-vamping the interior, protecting the furnishings in a newer ‘van, or perhaps improve your comfort when sleeping, then we can certainly help!

Our Motor Caravan furnishing orders tend to be made from start to finish by one member of staff, as we find this gives them an interest in seeing the finished product as well as engendering a real sense of pride in the job.

Give us a call to refresh your caravan Cushions

Dining Chair Repairs Plymouth

Dining Chair Repairs Plymouth

Dining room chairs are typically made up of sturdier and more expensive materials when compared to kitchen, bar and bistro chairs. They have higher backs, wider seats and more substantial or ornate legs. Traditionally chair arrangements feature armchairs at the head and foot of the table and four or more side chairs flanking them.

Dining room chairs can be Re-upholstered

Dining Chairs are very popular pieces of furniture we re-upholster. Even so, we are fully qualified to identify 1000’s of different makes and styles. This helps us to give you the best advise possible about restoring your favourite furniture.

Caravan Awning Repairs Plymouth

Caravan Awning Repairs Plymouth

Caravan Awning Repairs and Alterations

One of the main areas of our work is the increase and decrease in size of caravan awnings for customers who have changed their caravan and would like to keep their original awning. We can also carry out repairs, many of these involve replacement zips, repairing holes in your main canvas panels or replacing windows, give a call today to find out more.

Increasing or Reducing the size of your Awning

To successfully increase or reduce your awning you need to provide us with some accurate information. The first piece of information we need to know is the awning size of your new caravan. This will be stated in your new caravan’s booklet or you can physically measure your caravan as outlined below. It’s also helpful if you can provide us with your current awning size, although this isn’t essential.